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Leadership Hermiston





What is Leadership Hermiston?


Leadership Hermiston is a community leadership development program designed to educate, develop and connect enthusiastic, committed business persons to leadership roles in our community.   Participants will learn about volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit realm, other organizations and committees in the community, as well as elected offices.


“In the last 12 years, over 200 people have graduated from Leadership Hermiston.  We see them assuming leadership positions in all aspects of life in the Hermiston area.  The community is more robust and cohesive because of this program.” Joe Young, Chair, Leadership Hermiston Steering Committee, Class VIII.




Participants attend full-day sessions scheduled once a month from September through May, with a half-day session in June.  They work together with local leaders to expand awareness and understanding of unique issues and challenges facing this community and region.   The topics covered include the following;


·         Teambuilding

·         Agriculture

·         Economic Development

·         Human Needs and Services

·         The Justice System

·         The Media

·         Education

·         Government

·         Health and Wellness

·         Volunteer Opportunities




Leadership Hermiston is not a typical leadership training course covering theory-based information on leadership.  Instead, it provides hands-on access to current community leaders and up-to-date information about community issues. 


Who participates in Leadership Hermiston?


Established and emerging leaders comprise the classes of Leadership Hermiston.  They are businesspersons from large and small businesses, educators, work in nonprofit corporations and government entities, as well as retired volunteers.  Even people who have lived in Hermiston all their lives are amazed at the new things they learn about the community every month.  They are community-spirited and interested in making Hermiston an even better place to live and work.


“Over the past 10 months while participating in Leadership Hermiston, I’ve gained new appreciation, compassion and understanding of the different parts that, together, make Hermiston a wonderful, vibrant place to live.”  Tammy Malgesini, East Oregonian reporter, Class XII.


When the Leadership Hermiston year is completed, the connection continues for participants as they have the opportunity to broaden their network with past and current program participants through two alumni receptions held in the fall and spring of each year.



For more information, call the Chamber at 567-6151 or the Leadership Hermiston Facilitator Brenda Turner at 567-9550.HermistHermiston year is over,


Click here to download a Leadership Hermiston Application


Leadership Hermiston Class Projects


Each Leadership Hermiston Class is asked to work together on a project which will benefit the community in some way.  That project can be large in scope or small.  The purpose of the project is to benefit the community and to allow the class members to work together and apply the things they have learned through this program.  The following is a listing of the class projects:


Class I – Valuing Hermiston’s cultural diversity was the theme.  The Class held a day on the Ropes Course with some Class members and a culturally diverse group


Class II – Obtained funding for and helped design and implement rest rooms and other improvements to Hodge Park. 


Class III – This Class did not do a project.


Class IV - The Class raised funds for scholarships for Leadership Hermiston tuition for a small businessperson or person employed by a nonprofit corporation.  Did this for two years.


Class V – Obtained funding for and helped design and implement the building of a gazebo at Belt Park.


Class VI – Obtained funds for and facilitated the participation of a Hermiston High School student in Leadership Hermiston.


Class VII – Obtained funds for and designed and implemented the building of a visitor kiosk in the parking lot of the Conference Center.


Class VIII – Created a task force to work with the Leadership Hermiston Steering Committee and Chamber leaders to improve Leadership Hermiston.


Class IX – Spent a day at the Umatilla County Fairgrounds painting, cleaning and building benches.  Obtained funding for or donations of paint and building materials.


Class X -  Solicited orders for and planted memorial trees in Belt Park in partnership with the City of Hermiston Parks & Rec Department.


Class XI – Designed, developed, funded and placed recycling bins at Butte Park.  Worked with the City of Hermiston and got a $500 grant from Sanitary Disposal.


Class XII – Raised $4,000 for the SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) program through a golf tournament, class and community donations.