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How does my information get into the Chamber E-Letter?

E-Letter Submission Criteria:

o    E-Letter submissions are defined as time sensitive news and information, sales, specials and events.

o    You must be a current member of the Hermiston Chamber of Commerce to submit.

    • Descriptions of services, reoccurring weekly events or general business information is considered to be an ad and will not be included for more than 2 consecutive weeks
    • Reoccurring weekly events can be entered on the community calendar at www.hermistonchamber.com or emailed to us. (Non-Profit members are required login and enter their own events on our website.)
    • All members can submit info for the E-Letter but permanent Ad spaces are reserved for Gold members and higher. We are happy to discuss a membership upgrade with you!
    • Please keep your information contained to a 2"x5" paragraph or a maximum of 90 words. Readers do not read long entries. Short and to-the-point is best, followed by a website, email address or someone to contact for detailed information.
    • All submissions must be sent digitally, via e-mail to info@hermistonchamber.com
    • If your information is contained in a flyer, please type out the pertinent information.  If your submission includes an attachment, we will print the flyer or poster and hang it up in our lobby.
    • Events must be received by 3pm on Fridays, for Monday’s distribution.
    • News and Information must be received by 3pm on Mondays, for Wednesday’s distribution.
    • Sales and Specials are considered News and Information.
    • Please include the pertinent event information; WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY.
    • Most overlooked details on information sent to our office: LOCATION, TIME and WHO TO CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION (FMI)


This criteria is in place to allow all members fair and equal access to the E-Letter as one of your membership perks.

Subscriber statistics and feedback have been taken into account in developing these parameters.

Thank you for utilizing the E-Letter as a tool to promote your business/organization. 

Please call us with any questions 541-567-6151

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