You can help support the Chamber of Commerce by donating to the Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

What does the Greater Hermiston Area Chamber of Commerce do?

The Chamber of Commerce exists to be the Catalyst for business growth, the Convener for leaders and infiuencers, and the Champion for a stronger community of Hermiston. We achieve our purpose by working together to solve the challenges that business leaders encounter, inspiring and connecting community leaders in support of business-friendly initiatives, and seeking out and raising up the next generation of local leadership.

What benefit do I or the community of Hermiston get? What is the value of the Chamber? Why is this important for our area?

The benefit of the community is that our area’s businesses are strong and the community of Hermiston is prosperous as a great place to live, work and play. The importance of the Chamber is that the organization is the face of our community- lobbying for business and looking to put Hermiston on the map, which further develops growth and engagement in the community.

Why does the Chamber of Commerce need a new building?

The Chamber of Commerce needs a new building because the office is not in an easily accessible place in our current location, after the move from the Community Center. In order for us to be accessible for visitors in Hermiston, we need to be in a prominent location that will allow us to host business meetings, workforce development trainings, and promote the community.

What is the difference between the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce foundation?

The Hermiston Chamber of Commerce Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Chamber of Commerce. The Foundation will fundraise for various programs and projects of the Chamber. The first project that the Board has chosen to focus on is the construction of a new Chamber building facility.

Where will the new building be located?

The new building will be on the corner of Highway 39b and Evelyn Avenue in the southern part of Hermiston.

How much will the new building cost? And when will it be built?

The new building is estimated to cost $900,000-1.1 Million. The timeline of construction is planned to start in Spring of 2020 and be completed in December 2020 or early 2021. The Chamber is looking forward to a building suitable for business need.

How can people help?

You can help support the Chamber of Commerce by donating to the Chamber of Commerce Foundation either by:

  • Click the “Donate” button below.
  • Mail: PO Box 18b Hermiston, Oregon 97838
  • Follow us on Facebook: Hermiston Chamber of Commerce Foundation